Thursday, May 6, 2010

Video Games

How I was a bad parent today
  • Playing Super Paper Mario Brothers
Video games are a great way to teach your child hand eye coordination.  So that is what we did today.  We have a WII and my son likes to play Super Paper Mario Brothers.  At first though he just wanted to watch me play, I think he thought it was like a cartoon that he could take control of and tell me where to go.   I kept asking him if he wanted to play and he finally said yes and I must say he is not half bad. 

Now this is not an activity that you can just walk away from your child while they play.  You have to be there to read everything and to help him get where he needs to go.  It seems like a great activity because he is learning hand eye coordination and I am reading to him.  I just do not see how this could get any better other than having to run in place while we do it, but that is another post with WII Fit.

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